Had an accident or dental emergency?

If you have a dental plan administered by Patient Plan Direct you might be able to request assistance for dental care or treatment.


Our Scheme

The Global Accident and Emergency Scheme is a wholly discretionary scheme, not an insured scheme, established to offer support and assistance to dental patients who:

  • Request treatment following an accident

  • Have a dental emergency

  • Are diagnosed with mouth cancer

The Scheme Handbook

To find out more about the benefits
please download The Scheme Handbook.

Request For Assistance Documents

If you need to submit a Request for Assistance, please download and complete the appropriate Request for Assistance Form below.

All completed Requests for Assistance should be submitted to assist@globaldentalscheme.co.uk or Global Dental Scheme Limited, 16 Daresbury Court, Evenwood Close, Runcorn WA7 1LZ.

Emergency Treatment Away From Home RFA

Emergency Call Out

Treatment Following
an Accident RFA

Hospital Benefit
OR Mouth Cancer RFA

Global A&E Scheme